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Every graffiti artist needs to use the best markers for coloring the best art with an exceptional and meaningful perspective.

Sketch markers are one of the vital tools that a graffiti artists need at the start of creating their piece.

Best sketch markers graffitiThere are different types of graffiti markers, having the paint markers as one of the best and the most popular ones. The paint flows out of the markers and is permanent.

The best sketch markers are also used as tagging markers and the artists can choose the ideal one to make their preferred kind of graffiti tag.

Professional graffiti artists look for quality brand markers that would aid in creating quality drawings.

Some of the best markers for coloring sketches are from the following three (3) brands:

Molotow Markers

The Molotow brand provides some of the best markers for drawing graffiti pieces. This brand is considered as one of the top in the market, which provides with three (3) categories to choose from.

Best markers for coloring - Molotow

  • Molotow Action markers are designed for use on rough surfaces and provide a fast flow of ink and opaque marks on the surface.
  • Molotow Artist is another category of markers that use an acrylic marker system. These markers can be used on almost all surfaces, are long lasting and also provide opacity.
  • The third category is the Molotow Professional markers & refills which are ideal for professional graffiti artists.

Molotow undoubtedly provides the best markers for coloring graffiti pieces on paper boards, walls and a wide range of other surfaces.

Ironlak Markers

The Ironlak brand offers paint markers and has six (6) spray paint lines, giving graffiti artists a wide range of choice. This paint markers come in tall cans and artists can choose twin markers, fine lines and chisel tip strikers, among others.

The Ironlak permanent sketching marker (black) is one of the best graffiti markers for paper. The ink marker dries fast and leaves no room for smudges besides being convenient to carry around.

Any graffiti artist will find the perfect marker from Ironlak to use on a wide range of surfaces including paper, walls and boards

Krink Markers

Krink is a renowned brand especially among professional graffiti artists. It is one of the most expensive brands but for their high price you get high quality markers.

The markers are highly versatile and artists can find markers for practically any surface they wish to work on.

One of the distinct characteristics of Krink markers is the chisel tip that allows you to make fine lines as well as dark and broader lines using the same marker.

Krink has quality graffiti markers for paper as well as other surfaces and artists can choose markers for the specific surface they are working on.

Other Alternatives on Markers for Coloring

Aside from the sketch markers, there are other versatile options that you can choose from.

For instance, ink markers, on the other hand, use ink and provide a more defined outline than the paint markers. However, they lack the permanence provided by paint markers.

A second option is the squeeze markers, which are plastic containers with ink or paint. The artist squeezes out the ink, depending on the flow they want to achieve. Squeeze markers come with varying tip sizes and you can choose the tip you want depending of the size of lines you want to create.

The ink markers make more defined and precise tags while paint markers make larger tags.

Final Thoughts on the Best Markers for Coloring Graffiti Art

Graffiti sketch markers should be versatile to make both fine and broader lines and for use on various surfaces.

Among the above three (3) brands, graffiti artists can find the best  markers for coloring for their art narrowing down to specific details including the lines you want to make, the colors you want, and the permanence of the markings.

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