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Graffiti Mop Markers: The Artist’s Mop Guide

The Ultimate Guide on Graffiti Mop Markers

Graffiti mop markers are one of the artist’s most valued tool. Many graffiti artists have, at one time or other, used home-made mop markers. Mop markers come with a wider nib to allow for the expulsion of more paint once the mop is squeezed. Besides, the graffiti mop allows the dripping of the ink to create the signature graffiti drip-effect.

Major brands have created commercial mop markers that come filled with paint but also, promoting empty ones. Most of the mop markers come with a cap to enable the user to refill ink easily.

There are quality brands that have mop markers for graffiti artists to choose from. After gathering some information available in the market, we have found that the best brands are:

Krink Mop Markers

Krink mop markers are some of the best in the market and they provide permanent marking. The house of Krink provides mop markers in a wide range of colors that are easily refillable. For example, the Krink-60 Squeeze Mop is one of the most popular mops among professional graffiti artists due to its large ink capacity and usability on most surfaces.

Krink Mop MarkerCheck Krink Mop Marker Reviews & Price

The range of Krink mop markers include a shoe dye style mop, large in size, as well as paint mops, ink mops and steel tipped mops. The one disadvantage of Krink mop markers is that they are a more expensive brand so that less established artists might not find them affordable, however if you are looking for quality this could be the brand for you.

Molotow Mop Markers

Molotow offers the “drip-stick mop empty” that is highly convenient to use and for most of the artists, affordable. The Molotow mop marker comes with an eazy-refill system that guarantees the user a clean experience without any unnecessary mess. Besides, the mop has a tank-cap screwed to the bottom to keep the ink or paint securely inside.

Molotow Mop MarkerCheck Molotow Mop Marker Reviews & Price

The mop is also easy to squeeze to create fast ink drips while the nib is steady on any surface, no matter the amount of pressure applied during the squeezing. Molotow provides the right ink to use with the dripstick mop and thus, graffiti artists can never go wrong with this brand.

Grog Mop Markers

The house of Grog has some of the best squeezer mops for creating graffiti. Grog markers have been designed to ooze paint sparingly and produce great drips that prevent your art from appearing messy. The squeezer mops are available in small, portable sizes and in a variety of colors.

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Grog has ensured that graffiti artists are able to work on practically any surface using the metal head squeezer mops. The brand also offers refill ink and paint so that when you decide to use this brand, you can enjoy a one-stop-shop-experience

Junobo Markers

If you are looking for good quality graffiti mops, Junobo is one of the brands you should go for. Jonobo offers portable squeeze mops in a variety of colors.

Janobo Mop Marker

One of the outstanding features of the Jonobo mop marker is their ability to provide great flow control. Besides, they come with durable tips and you can refill the mops without the need to replace them.

The Jonobo mop markers certainly provide the best drips that a graffiti artist always desires to achieve

NYC Mop Markers

NYC has unrivaled hand crafted graffiti mops. These mops are some of the longest lasting you will find in the market, and they provide remarkable drips.

NYC Mop Marker

NYC’s mop markers have the toughest felt strips for the nib. Consequently, the nibs are highly durable and thus, the mops can be refilled over a long time.

One important point to note about NYC mop markers is that they only use dye type inks and not paints. Granted their high quality nature, NYC mop markers are more expensive than other brands in the market but they certainly provide absolute value for money.

So to summarize, check some important features of the listed graffiti markers:

Mop Marker BrandFeaturesSurfaceArtist RatingWhere to Review & Buy
Krink- Permanent marker
- Wide Range of Colors
- Refillable
- High Quality
Most surfaces4.5Reviews & Price on Amazon
Molotow- Affordable
- Fast ink drips
- Easy refill system
Any surface4.8Reviews & Price on Amazon
Grog- Best squeezer mop
- Wide range of colors
- Ooze paint sparingly
Any surface4.7Reviews & Price on Amazon
Junobo- Great flow control
- Excellent for drippy styles and outdoor use
- Durable tips
- Very High Quality
- Fade resistant
Any surface4.8
NYC- Long lasting
- Great drips
- Toughest felt strips for the nib.
- Only use dye type inks and not paints
- High quality
Any surface4.6

Final Thoughts on Graffiti Mop Markers

Graffiti artists no longer have to go through the hassle of improvising mop markers. These reliable brands have good quality and durable mop markers at relatively affordable prices.

Think on what you want to archive and try different markers so that you can find the best graffiti mop markers for your desired art work and enjoy creating outstanding art on any surface of your choice.