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Why You Shouldn’t Paint Graffiti

Like the warning label on a packet of cigarettes this article will tell you why you shouldn’t paint graffiti, leaving your mark on society. 

Back in the days, tagging on walls was, off-course, illegal as this expression of art was considered vandalism. The main reason why society saw the graffiti movement as vandalism falls over the way graffiti was conceived, this means, expressing the artist ideas on murals without permission.

Since the early 2000’s, graffiti artists have evolved and the current society is more perceptive of the graffiti movement. Still, there is a lot to cover in order to make the society understand that this is a way of expression, but the only way to get to the next phase is by stopping and educating those that still paint on walls without asking.

Here are six (6) really good reasons why you shouldn’t paint graffiti:

1. Career Prospects


Career Prospects Graffiti


Graffiti takes a massive amount of determination and time. If you focus all that energy on something else you might find yourself on the Forbes rich list or getting a Nobel Peace Prize.

From skipping school to staying up late chances are you’ll get to a point where you realize this amazing talent doesn’t earn you squat and your future possibilities are limited. If you really can’t resist take up street art instead and you’ll be rolling in cash.

2. Romance

graffiti romance - Kobra


Sure, when your a teenager girls will think your dangerous and cool, let’s face it your way more interesting than the guy who spends his life playing football or trying to do a kick flip. Just wait until your a full grown adult, that cute hobby is now an immature cry for help and she’ll drop you for a doctor or a street artist. Girls who paint graffiti have a few extra years of guys thinking it’s hot.

3. Arrest

Arrest graffiti art - Hijack

If you commit enough crimes you will get arrested, no question about it, this isn’t down to your ability to evade the law it’s just a matter of odds.

If you continue to break the law after you get arrested you will get arrested again.

Most writers have rap sheets longer than their arm. This sucks for things like insurance or if your thinking about going on holiday. Countries don’t like crooks and visa restrictions are getting tighter and tighter, so no inter-rail or breath-taking mountain scenery for you.

4. Jail


graffiti in jail


Get arrested enough times, or for an act of vandalism that’s deemed worthy enough, and you’re looking at jail. There are lots of writers out there who have been to jail for graffiti, whether they found the experience a living nightmare or pretty bearable they’ll all agree that it’s a complete waste of time, you can never get that back.

5. Health


graffiti workout

See all that paint on the wall? Half of it is in your lungs, it also gets absorbed through your skin and your eyes; and it’s not very good for your nervous system, kidneys or your brain. So, before you decide to continue painting graffiti art, make sure you save some money and buy a good vapor mask (we will tell you what mask fits great for your face).

6. Painting on something that does not belong to you to boost your own ego just shows what a self-absorbed narcissistic maniac you really are


ego graffiti


If you think that taking all these is unsafe then stay indoors and play video games instead.