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Top 10 Australian Street Artists

The Top 10 Australian Street Artist Revealed

As these top 10 Australian street artists reveal, street art has increasingly become a medium through which, artists convey various messages. The messages could be social, political or purely entertainment based.

There are numerous famous street artists playing an important role in land down under, nevertheless, we have chosen these Australian street artists for their messages to society and how this has changed the public’s perspectives.


Kaff-eine is a popular female street artist whose work has gained attention even in other parts of the world. Her work stands out in the way she uses her imagination to depict a merger between humans and animal features. One of her signature art illustrations is the skull headed figures of humans.

Top 10 Australian Street Artists | Kaff-eine
Source: (Sydney Morning Herald)

Top 10 Australian Street Artists | Kaff-eine Silos

She has also been recognized by her work with disadvantaged children. She uses street art to draw attention and raise awareness on the need for society to support and provide a healthy growing environment for vulnerable children.


New Zealand born Regan Tamanui is known by the stage name Ha-Ha. He is one of the famous street artists in Australia today and has been a pioneering figure in the country’s street art. Ha-Ha is known and admired for the finesse of his work in which he produces multiple layers of stencils.

                            Top 10 Australian Street Artists | HA-HA                      Top 10 Australian Street Artists | HA-HA

He has strongly taken on topics such as popular culture in Australia. One of his all time popular illustration is the bushranger Ned Kelly.


Ghostpatrol has created a niche for himself among the top 10 Australian street artists. He creates abstract illustrations of the cosmic world ad outer space, inspiring his audience to look beyond the mundane everyday events.

           Top 10 Australian Street Artists | Ghostpatrol                       Top 10 Australian Street Artists | Ghostpatrol

His work has earned him major projects from popular brands such as CocaCola. He has mastered the art of using water colour painting in his illustrations and one of his widely known art work is the Enceladus.


Miso is another female street artist who has been growing in popularity in the recent past. She works with her partner, Ghostpatrol, but has managed to be recognized for her personal talent. She uses outstanding imagery usually of women characters.

Top 10 Australian Street Artists | Miso
Stacey, also known as Miso. Source:

       Top 10 Australian Street Artists | Miso

Her work has gained the attention of audiences around the world and now, is considered as one of the top 10 Australian street artists.

Buff Diss

Street art is all about uniqueness and creativity. Buff Diss has the never before seen approach to art where he uses masking tape as his main medium of art expression.

         Top 10 Australian Street Artists | Buff Diss     Top 10 Australian Street Artists | Buff Diss

Another unique characteristic of Buff Diss’s art is that it is temporary because once he creates an illustration, it does not last long because of the nature of masking tape. This makes his art much more unique and valuable in passing his intended message.

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