How to do 3D Graffiti Letters
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How to Do 3D Graffiti Letters for Beginners

How to do 3D graffiti letters is a unique expression of art.

Although, they may seem complex, they are easy to do with a little more skill and concentration. 3D graffiti, has the cool and special effect of appearing as if it is popping out of the page. It creates an illusion of realness such as on the cover of greeting cards.

By the time you have finished reading and seeing the 3D Graffiti letter images, we’ll have covered all the basic drawing skills you need, then with practice you can go on to develop your own style.

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Creating 3D Graffiti Letters

Step 1: writing out your letters symmetrically

The first thing to do is to have a look to the image below so that you have a picture in you head. Now, with that in mind, the next step in how to do 3D graffiti letters is to write out your letters on the surface of your material of choice, such as a regular piece of paper or a harder surface (cardboard).

How to do 3D Graffiti Letters - Step 1

Unlike in regular writing, you need to make sure you space out your letters a little bit to create room for the expansion of each letter. It is important to ensure that the letters are symmetrical. You should create a boarder on the upper and lower side of your letters to achieve symmetry.


Step 2: Outlining each letter

After you have written out all your letters, make an outline of each letter using a pencil. It is best to ensure that the first outline is darker than the original letter (using a black markers is preferable, however think on what thickness you need. Click here to learn the differences between markers).

How to do 3D Graffiti Letters - Step 2

Step 3: Achieving a block shape

You will need to draw a second outline around each letter, so remember always ensuring that you maintain symmetry of all your letters. The outlines help you achieve a block shape of your letters, and the reason you need to use a pencil is to allow you to erase the outlines.

How to do 3D Graffiti Letters - Step 3

Achieving the 3D Effect

Step 4: diagonal lines

After you have managed to draw block letters, the next step is to make the blocks appear like 3D graffiti letters. The easiest way to achieve the 3D effect is to draw small diagonal lines at every corner of your block letters (see image below for details, red circle).

Again, it is important to focus on achieving symmetry by ensuring that the diagonal lines are of the same length.

How to do 3D Graffiti Letters - Step 4

Step 5: joining the diagonal lines

After you have completed this, you need to join the diagonal lines of each letter the letters a 3D appearance, ensuring that the space between all the letters remains the same. By now, your letters should have that popping 3D appearance.

How to do 3D Graffiti Letters - Step 5

Step 6: shading the created spaces

You can go further to give your letters a more dramatic look by shading between the spaces created when you joined the diagonal lines. As a graffiti beginner, you may start with these simple steps and, as you advance, you can learn how to add personal details to the letters to enhance them and make them unique, make them your tag.

How to do 3D Graffiti Letters - Step 6


3D graffiti is a way to express personal creativity. As a beginner, you may have to follow direct steps to gain the technique and understand how to do 3D graffiti letters. As you learn more about the art and become more skilled, you can add your own personal touch to the art and pimped up your style.

How to do 3D Graffiti Letters - Final

Final Thoughts

After you have created and understood how to do 3D graffiti letters in black and white, you can add color to the art. For example, you may highlight the shaded areas in a different color to gives your letters more prominence and movement.

You can also have a combination of colors for your graffiti letters because like any other art work, you have the liberty to explore your individual creativity.