graffiti words
- Graffiti Beginners

Graffiti Words: all you need to know is here

The necessary graffiti words, lingo, jargon or slang terms you need to know, excluding everything that will make you sound straight out of a 1980s break dancing video.

graffiti words

  • All City: when a writer is known and their work is visible throughout the entire city.
  • Action: a European term for a graffiti mission.
  • Back Jump: when a train is stationery for a few minutes at some point during its daily service and possible to paint.
  • Bomb/Bombing: the act of painting illegal graffiti in the streets.
  • Biting: to directly copy another writer’s style and letters.
  • Blackbook: a graffiti writer’s sketchbook.
  • Buff: to clean or remove graffiti.
  • Burner: a really good graffiti piece.
  • Cap: the nozzle on spray-paint, different caps give different thickness of line, there’s lots of different caps out there, the two main categories are fats and skinnys. (Cap can also mean the same as going-over)
  • Clean Train: an American term for passenger trains.