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Graffiti Paint Markers: Buying Guides & Reviews

If you want to take your graffiti game to the next level then I can not recommend this ebook enough. It has a money-back guarantee so there is no risk but it lays down the fundamentals that really improve your art. Check it out here : How to Draw Graffiti – A beginners Guide Markers that Help Artists Create Art Graffiti paint markers are used to create permanent art that is not easily erasable. Brands that manufacture paint markers have managed to offer artists products that are easy to use,…

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Graffiti Mop Markers Graffiti Product Guides 

Graffiti Mop Markers: the artist’s mop guide

The Ultimate Guide on Mop Markers for Graffiti Artists Graffiti mop markers are an artist’s most valued tool. Many graffiti artists have, at one time or other, used home-made mop markers. Mop markers come with a wider nib to allow for the expulsion of more paint once the mop is squeezed. Besides, the graffiti mop allows the dripping of the ink to create the signature graffiti drip-effect. Major brands have created commercial mop markers that come filled with paint but also, promoting empty ones. Most of the mop markers come…

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