graffiti history Graffiti Beginners 

Graffiti History Timeline Info graphic

How about a little bit of graffiti history? This information could be a little bit boring for you but if you want to be a good graffiti artist, it is important to know some of the graffiti history and how it has evolved over the passing years. Let’s start from the very beginning. It is not a mystery that previous civilizations (we are talking about 200,000 years ago) took advantage of their surroundings. In this case, the only available surface to translate ideas were the cave wall. This was a…

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graffiti words Graffiti Beginners 

Graffiti Words: all you need to know is here

The necessary graffiti words, lingo, jargon or slang terms you need to know, excluding everything that will make you sound straight out of a 1980s break dancing video. All City: when a writer is known and their work is visible throughout the entire city. Action: a European term for a graffiti mission. Back Jump: when a train is stationery for a few minutes at some point during its daily service and possible to paint. Bomb/Bombing: the act of painting illegal graffiti in the streets. Biting: to directly copy another writer’s…

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how to not be a graffiti toy Graffiti Beginners 

How To Not Be A Graffiti Toy

Graffiti Toy (click here to check the graffiti terminology) is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the graffiti world. Here’s how to speed up the painful process of being a graffiti beginner (or a graffiti toy), so pay attention to these 13 points. 1. Do more Paint more, sketch more, try harder. The more time you spend actually doing graffiti, the faster you’ll loss the graffiti toy . Remember, practice makes a master. 2. Keep it nice and simple Don’t walk before you can run. As tempting…

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Graffiti News 

World’s Top 20 Most Famous Graffiti Artists

We are very aware that there are so many great graffiti artist around the wold. However, we believe these are the World’s Top 20 Most Famous Graffiti Artists. Whether they’ve reached the top as a result of their artistic ability, sheer quantity or a knack for self-promotion. If graffiti is a fame game, these guys are winning.  20. Boris from Bulgaria   He might not be a king of style, but Boris has a lot of fun painting and makes sure you know it. With his impressive abilities in social…

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graffiti in jail Graffiti Beginners 

Why You Shouldn’t Paint Graffiti

Like the warning label on a packet of cigarettes this article will tell you why you shouldn’t make your mark on society.  1. Career Prospects     Graffiti takes a massive amount of determination and time. If you focus all that energy on something else you might find yourself on the Forbes rich list or getting a Nobel Peace Prize. From skipping school to staying up late chances are you’ll get to a point where you realize this amazing talent doesn’t earn you squat and your future possibilities are limited.…

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